Broom ride down “Cheesecake Factory”

So Lebanon sought to introduce Lebanese (already well versed in the fast food industry) to the hearty cooking of the world’s superhero, The Cheesecake Factory.

But the restaurant’s trend-following, seemingly large dishes did little to grip foodies hunting for a new experience even in such familiar and existing cuisine.

We thought we’d give it a try, considering it topped the charts last month on Zomato.

Escorted by a hostess to our table, we were given the biblical menus, and seated by the fire to cozy up atop Verdun 730’s perching balconies.

It all sounded and looked luxurious so far, but little did we know about the hidden plot twist.

The humongous portions, with minimal effort made to be tailored to the hungry masses, consisted of rough slices of Portofino pizza, slightly “decorated” with chicken tidbits (repurposed from leftovers) with grilled bell peppers and a dash of pesto sauce on a stone-hard dough.


Moving on to a salad that intrigued my palate though it was too slight to carry that price tag, the Santa Fe Chicken. Already-tossed ingredients, drowning in an overpowering cumin sauce, tucked my tastebuds to bed for the rest of the night. I couldn’t bare with it, I returned it right away.

Exclamation points punctuated the Glamburgers™ and the name they carry, yet unfortunately the excitement didn’t translate from page to plate; or at least, that’s what my mates had to say when they encountered the Mac & cheese burger, which they said tasted hideously greasy.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to highlight the marvelous job done with the smokehouse Glamburger™, coating and seasoning of the French fries, extremely professional service and most of all, the cool and relaxing ambiance the restaurant is distinguished with.


I asked for the check and was surprised they took the salad off it.

I would certainly come back, only when I have my sense of taste recovered. Not kidding!

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