Il Vigneto: A Confringo-like Experience

Judging by how my Saturday had gone, I may have picked the wrong choices, so this review is based on my own cravings of having a fulfilling and hearty dinner.
I started my meal with a famous Italian antipasti, the fried calamari, served in a generous portion, with a garlicky and zesty ranch dip.

It’s fair to say that they’re on the safe side with this dish, they can’t go wrong with a fried appetizer.
I then ordered a mainstream dish, the infamous tagliatelle carbonara. There, everything went wrong for me. The pasta is chewy, far more chewy than to be called al dente.
The sauce is too loose, and barely viscous enough to be consistent. A generous handful of bacon bits filled the plate, with a garlic and coriander garnish.
I also tried the lasagna and eggplant parmigiana from a friend, they were blunt in taste and missed that zing in their marinara..
We then ordered a cheesecake that came in a jar, frozen to the core and very hard to extract and enjoy.
The manager was kind enough to serve us a round of free homemade limoncello shots on the house.
The restaurant has potential, and is located on the second floor of a building on the Mtayleb to Beirut highway, but they have minor improvements to make, like checking if water is running in their toilets, change plates wittily without waiting for the customers to ask them to do so.. Etc
It was a pleasurable experience nevertheless of all of the above.

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