Monks: Tsunami’s Confundo-ed brother!

Monks, is Tsunami‘s little brother. The left handed one apparently.

When we walked in to Tsunami yesterday, we were told that the place was fully reserved and walk-ins were all given the choice to try Tsunami’s other brand, 100m away from it, Monks.

A Thai restaurant with a very chill ambience, cool smiley waitresses and a rocket-fast service, but when it gets to flavors, the monks disappoint.

The Thai shrimp noodles dish had 4 mini steamed shrimp pieces in it, floating on top of overcooked rice noodles and steamed veggies (mostly carrots).
I had to drizzle half of the soy sauce bottle to feel anything related to Thai cuisine in that dish.

We then ordered the chicken fried rice, which also urged for soy dressing to be gorged, but that on the other side was huge.

And because we initially wanted Tsunami’s beat-dropping sushi, we picked a maki selection to nibble on, to call it a night!

They were average too, the crispy coating was mostly moist, the salmon had a weird taste and in some pieces was hot.

I’d come back to try their pineapple dessert, but that’s it.

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