Hogsmeade Smells Beautiful & it Ain’t the Butterbeer

As we near the end of Lent season, the buzz of Easter fills the air.
For that occasion, there’s a highly calorific yet utterly delectable sweet concoction you can almost smell everywhere; on the streets, at home, next to your desk at work. The infamous maamoul.

These Lebanese Filled Cookies are a Middle Eastern creation, served typically for special happenings such as Pascha, Easter and national religious holidays.

The Levantine sweets are known to be made with three traditional fillings including walnut, pistachio and date, each formed in a specific designed wooden mold which usually serves the purpose of letting you know what the filling inside is.

Lurpak, every chef and household’s favorite brand is gracing us this year with a new collection of spreadable and sprayable butters to make your whole maamoul making experience, a smoother one!

Check them out here, and stay tuned for the end result in a few weeks.

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