Poke Totalum: Beirut’s Latest Trend

The city’s newest Buffeteria trend, or if you’re unfamiliar with Three Broomsticks™ from the HP movies, is Le Merou Fish Market’s Poke.


This new seafood retailer & wholesaler, has also premium cooking & delivery services, dishing up Beirut’s best fish meals and sandwiches. Amongst its weird yet ultimately good introductions, is the world’s latest craze: Poke.

This raw fish salad is served in Hawaiian cuisine and now has hit the opposite shores of LA & Miami, traditionally formed from yellow fin tuna or octopus as bases. Adaptations may also feature raw salmon or various shellfish as a main ingredient served with this salad’s common seasonings, heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines including soy sauce, green onions, and sesame oil.


Check their weekly stand at Souk El Akel for a maritime taste of fresh catches, or hop on to their Achrafieh branch if you’re feasting on a bigger scale.


Le Merou Fish Market
Address: Achrafieh, Alfred Naccache Street
Phone: 78977783 / 76064999
Website: lemeroufishmarket.com



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