LONDON: Where The World’s Best Breakfast Resides

When it comes to breakfast, cornflakes don’t cut it anymore.

That is to say, trekking down London’s very best fry-ups and other breakfast treats was a tough job.

But thanks to my friends’ will [and digestion issues endeavor] of gorging on awesome meals, we stumbled upon “The World’s Best Breakfast” and we found it at Granger & Co.



Every Bill Granger restaurant reflects the spirit I like to think of as ‘Australian’: sunny, easy-going and generous. Bill opened his first restaurant in Sydney’s Darlinghurst in 1993. It soon became loved for its legendary breakfasts, served at the famous central communal table, where locals and travelers, families and friends, continue to be welcomed. Twenty years later, Bill’s relaxed, friendly and infectious joy in good, fresh food has become truly global, and is enjoyed at his restaurants in Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Honolulu and London.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.45.29 AM

With a large dining room that’s as spacious and bright as the whole of London, verdant views over a churchyard, Granger & Co. dishes up the ultimate best ricotta-filled hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.45.43 AM

I leave you to the snapshots below.




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