How To “Wingardium Leviosa” Your Summer

Summer is meant to be appreciated. If you don’t relish the sun, outdoor excursions and everything else that comes with it, you’re literally doing yourself an injustice.

Below, I listed some of my favorite activities for the temperamental season (excluding everything that requires an Episkey spell).

Lake gawking.

Bring a 6-pack, some munchies and dive off a rental boat. If you’re into fishing, then do some fishing. This is really a good way to unwind, but leave your cigarettes pack at home; this one’s for clearing the throat too.

Bnachii Lake, Zgharta, Lebanon – June 2016
Go camping.

Sleeping overnight at a friend’s while watching a Euro game, I do consider camping. The woods work as well. The point is to spend as much time alfresco as you possibly can.

Throw plenty of BBQs.

Invite your colleagues and friends. Invite your neighbors if they’re hot. Invite lots and lots of ladies (optional). Yeah I know it may take a little time to make dinner, but beer is best served chilled. Outdoor roasts are really just excuses to get together and get day-drunk, tbh.

Casual Butterbeer gathering, disguised in the shape of a BBQ party.
Go hiking.

Hiking’s a subtle way to spend some time with the most important being you know: Yourself. It’s also a great combination of exercise and meditation for the health junkies reading this.

Outside reading.

Grab a good book and head to Horsh Beirut. Or to Urbanista (if you like to be seen at it). But if it’s a Coelho you’re on, stay home young child.

My everyday crush, Luna.
Last but not least: People watching (I love this one)

Summertime is by far the finest time to people watch. Why? Well, because everybody is casually half naked. For that, the beach might be the answer.

Mrs. McGonagall approves
Don’t let your summer pass you by in a haze of replays and Instagram stalking, it only comes once a year.

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