SALMONELLA ALERT: Beirut Under The Avada Kedavra Curse

Beirut has fallen under the Avada Kedavra curse once again, only this time Lord Voldemort has been impersonated by Lord Nader, one of Lebanon’s biggest poultry wholesalers.

This dark lord of rotten spells, and smells, has been selling expired chicken to his customers by unfreezing and refreezing the poor souls.

You ok kids?
Best part of the story? They fuckin’ have a restaurant called “Nader’s Middle Eastern Grill and Bakery” somewhere in Mississauga. YESSSSA!

What The Flying Broomstick Bro!
Here’s MTV Lebanon‘s report about this noseless pal (because obviously he couldn’t smell the fucking chicken, that’s why).

Eating spoiled meat can result in food poisoning, which might eventually cause, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever and cramping (thanks Google, you rock mate.)

For that, the Potter in me has decided to throw a Protego charm over the whole of Lebanon by stating some obvious precaution steps to avoid food poisoning.

Step 1

Check the “Best By” date on the chicken’s packaging. If the date has passed, there is a chance the chicken has gone bad despite refrigeration.

Ensure the meat you cook is fresh and has not had time to go bad. Chicken can go bad within 3 days, even if is it kept in the refrigerator. Knowing what to look for will help you detect spoiled chicken and avoid food poisoning.

Once you understand the signs, it is not difficult to know if chicken has gone bad in the fridge.

Step 2

Observe the color of the chicken. Fresh chicken has a bright pink color, while chicken that has gone bad will have a slight gray tint to its exterior.

Step 3

Smell the chicken. Spoiled chicken has a foul, slightly sweet smell that differs immensely form the scent of fresh chicken.


After all, who would want bad chicken thighs for lunch? I know Ron wouldn’t.


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