Hogwarts Bound

I’ve been feeling homesick recently. Yes, both muggles & wizards experience this horrid mawkishness of missing one’s hometown.

Beirut is kind of my own unpleasant, sneaky, thought-provoking, yet so charming, little Hogwarts.


The more I delve in the industrialized streets of Dubai, the more I miss the outmoded brick housing back home. The pint-sized space amid buildings, and actually people walking from a place to another without the unnecessary need of a mobile air conditioner.


According to The Daily Star, Lebanon’s capital has been ranked among the world’s best cities, according to a New York-based travel magazine, coming out at number 12 in a readers-chosen survey conducted by Travel and Leisure, becoming the only Arab or Middle Eastern city to make the list this year.

Food, especially, is what I miss. Bring me back the sorcerous calorific knefeh, the $1 man’oucheh or the ever-so flavorful kebbeh, transfigured to stuffed meatballs or just pounded raw, like Hagrid would’ve loved it.


Whether it’s a fine cuisine in the business hub, or a casual pit stop alongside the city’s busy Mar Mikhael street, this Great Hall-like gem boasts scenic surroundings, allowing an incomparable dining experience.

For someone who’s been to various countries where laws and systems are actually implemented and respected, I now understand why Lebanese come back to this degraded clump.

gif 1

If you look deep enough, you’ll find magic hidden in all the streets and around every corner. Every pastry, falafel, or shawarma shack is Beirut’s unique take on Ollivander’s.

Having a grey day abroad? Avada Kedavra the hell out of it. 

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