10 reasons why you should not visit Lebanon



1. You will be forced to speak to people all the time 

There’s one thing Arabs are really good at. Talking. Talk is cheap, and the Lebanese have taken it the next level. They are friendly, welcoming and talkative people, and they seem to be very happy to receive foreigners, anywhere in the country. Even if they don’t speak your language, or any language you might understand, they will keep on talking and asking you questions. You will be impressed how easy is to communicate in Arabic even if you do not know a single word.

Obviously, if you want to avoid this deeply touching experience, do not come to Lebanon.

In case you decide to go anyway, and you want to be ready for the cheap talk, check our “Basic Levantine Arabic for travelers”.

IMG_9233- Two old Lebanese men spending their time talking and smoking nargile in Deir el Qamar, Chouf…

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