Battle of The Espressos: Dubai’s Best Cafés.

There’s more to Dubai’s cafés than just awesome brews. This city is brimming with top notch coffee culture, and we’ve decided to round up the best places to check out this creative caffeinated conglomerate.

Seven Fortunes
This is a new roastery in Al Quoz, that provides beans for cafés throughout the city. With cool branding and an independent spirit, this is one place we’re going to be hearing more and more about in Dubai. 

Seven Fortunes is a locally owned Specialty Coffee Roastery; a homegrown concept providing specialty coffee supply.



Roseleaf Café
Nestled in the oasis of the Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, Roseleaf Café has been opened by a bunch of coffee-loving kiwis, offering home cooked kitchen goodness amongst a backdrop of garden greenery and eclectic domestic décor. Rose’s passion for home cooked food is one that is deeply ingrained, passed down to her through generations of formidable women in herlife. Over the years these special moments and the sharing of recipes has imprinted a deep passion for food, cooking and the kitchen that is her sanctuary. 


A4 Space
This innovative co-working space in AlSerkal Avenue, complete with a cinema room, concept store, and library, also features a quaint café. Stop by A4 to sip espresso and rub shoulders with fellow creative types.

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Raw Coffee Company
Stop by this funky warehouse in Al Quoz for ethical fair-trade coffee and free Wi-Fi. RAW is also a boutique Roastery supplying cafes, restaurants, businesses and homes with premium 100% organic, 100% Fair Trade Arabic coffee.


Spill the Bean
Spill the Bean is an independent specialty coffee shop focused on single origin coffees and supreme quality blends—all 100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade. Don’t miss the delicious gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan energy bites.


Taste Kitchen
Despite its location in Mercato Mall, this isn’t your average mall-chain eatery. Housed in an adorable courtyard, Taste Kitchen is a new home-grown restaurant bringing you fresh ingredients, creative cooking and friendly service in a relaxed environment.


With the possible exception of sliced bread, Tom & Serg is the single greatest thing ever conceived. The two-time holder of the Time Out Dubai Best Café award is arguably the venue that kicked all of the speciality brew hype off.

PS: They also served sliced bread.


Ok folks, those were the best places to sit, drink, eat and talk at; with friendly people who evidently love what they do and show off their prodigious technical skills in the most modest ways possible.

Let me know in the comments section below if you’d add any new entry to the list, and let’s go check it together!

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