Brunch in Dubai is greater than ever. You can hardly set foot out your apartment on a Friday, without stumbling upon a sweltering pan of eggs (any style) or ruling the waft of pancakes and waffles somewhere in the air. This is why taking you thru some of this buzzing city’s best brunches, will require more than just one post.

In the lowlands between JLT & JBR, lies The MAINE, a cheery Oyster Bar & Grill.

From the outside (or at least the only entrance I’ve noticed), this bathroom-tiled-like restaurant looks rather stark.


But the moment you swing the hefty door, you find yourself unexpectedly in a sunny and airy space that feels more like a Saxon King dining hall, rather than a modern-day Hotel bistro.



This is the place for chic yet very, very laid back, boozy brunching.


The MAINE’s food is irreproachable. And if I could stop here, I would have.

Lunch Pre Fixe

But I can’t just overlook their Chicken N’ Waffles, a perfect balance of buttermilk fried chicken and luscious truffled maple syrup.


Done with what seemed like a conventional brunch dish, and moved onto something more hearty, because you know, Friday comes only once a week. “THE BURGER”, a piled 175g Prime beef patty with raclette cheese, served with the house’s home cut fries is just a cure to world agony. I promise.


Their “Billionaire French Toast” is a beautifully seared duck liver, thickly cut brioche drizzled with a delectable berry compote, picturing an indulgent treat that swerves close to the French territory.

And you might wanna ask yourself, If the hipster is dead, what’s the deal with the dandy? These guys will answer you!


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