BURGER BOMBARDA: Dubai’s Finest Buns

Four months into 2018, and I bet all your “New Year, New Me” hogwash has gone to waste. If not, LEAVE THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW. I mean it.

Yes, Dubai is awash with buns, patties and pickles, with everyone from street food stalls to full-service joints getting in on the burger action.

So without further ado, here are, according to my palate, belly fat, and my featured reviewer Giordana Attilio aka Georgette, Dubai’s finest burgers, sliders and buns.

1- THE COUNTER – MAKE YOUR OWN: Nothing feels like casual dining more than a burger built based on your peculiar taste buds. The Counter makes it easier for you to indulge in burgers more often with even more options for a specialized meal on different days. “Anything off the trolley dears? I’ll take the lot.”


2- CLASSIC BURGER JOINT – BEST FRIES: And what is a list of best burgers if those salty crisp golden fingers aren’t included? Classic Burger Joint needs no introduction for their glorious fries with the special spices. A particular standing ovation for the free refill!


3- INDIE DIFC : From the same stable that brought us IRIS, this chill-out lounge might not be an obvious place to go looking for a burger. But INDIE defies all rights and wrongs with its uproariously good burger.


4- GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN: Look at it. Just look at it and read later. A juicy burger that’s just as knock-your-socks off as ever. Can you feel my agony yet? Thank you.


5- THE GRAMERCY DIFC – WAGYU BURGER: The Gramercy boys pride themselves on using the best homemade 100% Wagyu beef. Top that with onion relish, aioli, provolone cheese *swallows* and some gherkins. My heart might have skipped a beat just remembering The Gramercy’s Wagyu Burger’s taste.


6- DIRT – A VEGAN OPTION: Whether you have taken the life commitment of a vegetarian/vegan, you are still entitled to the goodness of a burger. DIRT leaves no-one behind; DIRT’s burgers form the healthiest of all burger options.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-04 at 4.03.02 PM.jpeg


7- PARKER’S: One patty is great, two patties of Wagyu beef are a party of pleasure. Invite cheddar, jalapeño, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and a bit of caramelized onions on top, you get a creation of culinary holiness. Oh, and one more thing, do you have the key?


8- SALT: The all-time American combination is in town, and you must try it. Salt offers the meat of the year; Wagyu beef embraced by a butter bun and a choice of Lotus, Vanilla, or Strawberry shakes. Move away ice cream man, SALT’s food truck is the new badass on the streets. Oh yeah, and if one is not enough? Get them in double.


9- BRUNSWICK SPORTS CLUB: You’d wish you were stabbed in the heart just like this burger, in a good way though. Looks enchanting, don’t you agree? Brunswick Sports Club’s best seller burger is their newly introduced, Return of the Mac! Truffle oil, mac n cheese and a hefty portion of beef bacon!  Close your eyes and feel that juice running down your fingers; that’s how you know you’ve got a serial filler.

10- THE SLIDER CORNER – THE SUMMER SLIDER: Excuse me as I eat my laptop while looking at this marvelous sight. Have your choice of beef, chicken, prawns, or lobster, but whatever the weather, The Slider Corner will make sure to uplift your day and morals with their burgers.


12- FIVE GUYS: Step away from the drama and let those Five Guys’ cheeseburgers fill your soul with happiness and satisfaction. Oh, and grab their famous Milkshake for an extra stash of glee for later on.


The omnipresence of burgers in Dubai is getting a little haughty; and YES, I’ve (almost) seen about every version of them by today – but this does nothing to tarnish their intrinsic lusciousness, F*CK IT.

I hope you enjoyed your stroll down my selection of the city’s finest buns.

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