Could This Be Beirut’s Best Dining Spot?

The story goes like this:

“Once upon a time, the ports of Beirut were host to bustling farmers’ markets. With vendors hawking products from East Mediterranean cumin, Brazilian goji berries, French “Herbes de Provence”, Mexican cayenne peppers to Egyptian thyme; they were a reliable source of fresh, seasonal produce from around the world.”

The Capital’s new SoHo-style restaurant, Bar Du Port, has taken inspiration from this port-market experience to offer a new kind of fine dining in Lebanon’s hip, up-and-coming Saifi district.

A wide range of Anglo-French small plates is the specialty here. But at BDP, the vibe is more obviously one of stylish sophistication: think exposed concrete and sleek monogrammed barstools, and a spacious contented area where you can dine looking over into the glamorous clientele hanging by the bar.

Just as winning is the menu itself. Pleasingly concise, everything on it felt cautiously well-thought-out. Best of all was the “Linguines, Homard Grillé et Fumé [Minute], Bisque au Beurre”: served in a humble ceramic bowl, this was a big heartedly portioned stew of smoked grilled lobster, dotted with marinara and freshly grilled cherry tomatoes.

The “Noix de Saint-Jacques Grillées, Marmalade D’échalotes à L’Orange” was also a decadent creation: perfectly grilled fresh scallops, packing a zesty punch from the fueling orange marmalade, with a sole purpose of setting your palate on fire.

But when BDP’s good, it’s brilliant.

The dexterously aromatic beer-ice cream accompanying the “Pain Perdu, Caramel Beurre Salé, Glace à la Bierre” was extremely comforting; a French toast, drizzled with salted caramel, so delicious we ordered two. Want more reasons to take refuge at BDP on a hot summer night? This gastro-bistro looks so upright and warm that it’d be a perfect spot to wine and dine a hot date.

Bar du Port is a next favorite destination for both locals and global wanderers who pride themselves on being in-the-know.

Avenue Charles Helou, Saifi, Beirut, Lebanon | Phone: +961 71 444 006

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