REVEALED: Beirut’s Best Hot Chocolates

Hungry, thirsty and almost mythical, Hungry Unicorn toured and figured out the Best Hot Chocolates there are to slurp during those chilly Beirut nights…


In her search to find the best hot chocolates to suit all tastes, she tried over 13 drinks from supermarket ready-made stir-ins, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants; these 5 shortlists impressed with their well-balanced sweetness and satisfyingly silky texture.

So if you’re feeling really decadent and fancy (as you should), scroll down this short list and let us know how you like it.


SURPRISINGLY, Starbucks’ Fudge Hot Chocolate ranked FIRST!
Home to the infamous mythical creatures, Unicorn Coffee House’s Hot Chocolate ranked second.
Coming in third, Beirut’s latest coffee house and kitsch retail corner, Home Sweet Home’s hot chocolate.
You can’t have a Best Hot Chocolates list without the international staple touch of Angelina’s. It comes in fourth on Hungry Unicorn’s list.
Last but not least, Urbanista’s hot chocolate ranks fifth, keeping their legacy “where the food is fresh and conversations are always brewing” alive.

That’s all folks. We’ve tried some watery, despicable hot potions who put boiled hot rats to shame… But we’re not the kind of pair that’ll rant about it. Unless you want us to?! As a matter of fact, Beirut’s Worst Hot Chocolates has a nice sound to it.. Lol!

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