FAR EATS: So Punny. So Good!

Come 2017, and the financial hangover of the previous five years is starting to wear off, the now-called Addmind Hospitality Group switched their focal point from lounges & clubs to expanding their F&B division with several additions the likes of Bar du Port French fusion restaurant/world bar, MATTO Italian restaurant, Mezcaleria Mezcal bar & restaurant, & Zuruni Lebanese restaurant.


Located at the newly opened Zero 4 project in Antelias, Metn, Far Eats offers a fresh, honest approach to Asian street cuisine. I’m not going to dwell on how creative the name itself is, but I’m definitely going to do so on one of their hero items down below.


No offshoot of any previous brand or even close to being a thought inside any Beiruti’s head, Far Eats is a stylish urban Asian eatery, rumored $1 million build-out, featuring a bar area, sushi bar, a dining area, and a huge outdoor wrap-around patio with a cocktail bar.


The menu’s also had an all-points overhaul. From soups, salads, the cheesy Chinese starters the likes of spring rolls and crispy rice dishes, to fresh baos, donburi bowls, gyozas & sushi selections. But there’s one-bowl wonder that’ll make you reconsider your spelling & grammar lessons, the infamous bibimbap.


Let’s start with the basics: bibim [mixed] and bap [rice]. A one-bowl wonder of steamed rice, vegetables and (usually) a fried egg, all mixed up together. Now the real wonder, is the way to eat this dish. You don’t just dive in. It’s definitely more interactive than that.

You first let it sit for a minute or two to let the rice crisp up nicely against the sides of the pot, then booze in as much or as little of the chilli paste as you like. You won’t awaken a dragon even if you use the whole lot. The dish will only remain mild-to-moderately spicy. Now take your spoon… yep, this dish is way too wholehearted to eat with chopsticks – plunge it in and give the entire dish a freaking good mix. The pierced egg will cook as it is scattered through the rice.

Now you can eat. And eat. And eat. Till you can no longer spell bibimbap.

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Source: https://bit.ly/2xr3RjK 

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