It lies.

Depression isn’t a form of sadness.

It’s not something that goes away if you just think about how good you have it or how successful you are.

You can’t positivity it away. It lies to you about yourself and eats you from the inside and tells you that you alone make things worse.

Depression isn’t a thing that’s cured over an afternoon or often ever.

If you’re looking to support someone with depression, listen.

Sometimes it won’t make sense. Sometimes it’ll seem silly or selfish. But listen.

It’s hard to reach out with depression, but being there helps.

And if you have depression, it’s a liar.

It’s a YouTube comment in your head made of feelings that hurt you and slow you.

You’re not bothering other people when you reach out, even when it feels like you are.

You’re not selfish, even if your brain says that you are.

It lies.

– Mike Drucker

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