Beirut’s Best Dining Spot: Now Serving Faqra.

It’s only been a year since I’ve elected this place Beirut’s Best Dining Spot, & Bar Du Port does nothing but impress.



Once dubbed the Capital’s newest SoHo-style restaurant, BDP took this same experience to the slopes of Faqra to serve its cautiously well-thought-out menu to the hippest clientele there is.

And I’ve said once, and here it is again, when BDP’s good, it’s brilliant.


Dive right into this selection of shots from the newly acquired location in Faqra Club, and experience 3 different cuisines in the hub of Lebanon’s busiest area of the year.

GEO_2484GEO_2535Mezcaleria 1-2-2018 (81)GEO_2775

Want more reasons to take refuge at BDP Faqra on a hot summer night? This gastro-bistro is so upright and warm, it’d be a perfect spot to wine and dine a hot date.

Bar Du Port 14-7-2018 (123)

Bar du Port is a next favorite destination for both locals and global wanderers who pride themselves on being in-the-know.


People – Faqra, Kfardebian, Lebanon | Phone: +961 71 444 007

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