KYO: Where Subtle Japanese Food Wins Supreme

The days of suffering through boring, hearty and outdated rounds of maki are over, thanks to the recent influx of terrific Japanese creations, introduced by the country’s newly self-elected Karate kids, Dar Al Diyafah.

Their latest signature, KYO, has already elevated the luxurious Asian cuisine, bringing an A-game of stellar Japanese rolls and fresh raw fish delicacies to the UAE coasts (or actually just Palm Jumeirah’s).

At KYO, appetizers offer the complexity of entrees, namely warm Gyozas, fresh selections of finely sliced sashimi and one of the finest ceviches I’ve ever had.

Beyond the raw, the chef has skills on the grill, forging on with dishes like the Black Cod & fresh octopus and scallops.

The dessert assortments including the chocolate fondant, meringues and tropically infused ice creams also make an appearance, and they’re all robust and satisfying.

But ultimately this is a place where subtle food wins.

KYO | The Pointe, The Palm Jumeirah.

Reservations on: +971 (04) 557 5182

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