Will This Be Beirut’s First Michelin-Starred Restaurant?

Finding somewhere decent to eat in Beirut has always been a bit like figuring out what to wear on an English summer’s day: trickier than you might think.

Despite an abundance of posh hotel joints and big-name chain brands, there just aren’t that many unfailingly good restaurants in the Lebanese capital. Luckily, CLAP comes in as an exception. Sure, there are facets that feel customary, but Addmind Hospitality’s newest baby still blows most of the home-grown competition out of the water.

Japanese gastronomy is at the forefront of this concept. Branding was designed to complement, not compete, with the lush interiors, which are dominated by wood and stone, with a large Robata counter giving off smoke and clatter against a soundtrack of lounge-y beats.


Food highlights include Wagyu Beef Tataki, the slivers of dazzlingly fresh fuchsia-pink meat, placed over a canvas of Tozasu dressing in caramel-colored tones. Another delight is the Sea Bass Hoba, a Josper-oven-grilled fish, garnished with a light mint salsa.


Nothing here is too much trouble. Plates are carefully placed – and replaced – throughout the meal, the table is kept scrupulously clean at all time, and everything is done with a smile.

So will CLAP become Beirut’s first Michelin-starred restaurant? Either-way, if you’re in town for a show, this is the best place to go.


CLAP Contemporary Japanese Restaurant and Lounge is located on the rooftop of one of the most iconic buildings in Beirut, the An-Nahar building, in Downtown Beirut.

Open every day, from 12pm till 4pm and 8pm till 3am | For reservations: +961 70 633888

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