Instagram: Beyond Work | Interview with Communicate Levant

There’s more to life than work. For Serge Trad, digital communication manager at Addmind Hospitality Group, life is also being a digital artist, an engaged Instagramer and a huge Potterhead.


When did you start on Instagram and why?

I’ve started using Instagram at the very beginning of 2013. It was still a beautiful time when social media was just a silly pastime. Today, Instagram makes 30% of my days, and I have to say it’s a bittersweet feeling.

What’s your preferred post? Your worst one?

After I started the grid canvas design, I archived my personal posts off the channel. Which really left me with no “worst” posts. I take almost a week before I create a new canvas. So, I try to make the viewer’s experience enjoyable, by telling a story in each part of the 6-grid layout.

How much time do you spend on Instagram daily?

It’s sad to say but after introducing “your activity”, I noticed I’m on there for three hours a day. To be fair, I’m a communication manager. I do have to stay up-to-date. I also manage brands online and have some of the best creative inspo on Instagram while having my morning coffee.


If you weren’t on Instagram, how would you indulge in your passion?

I’d definitely read and scan through arts/advertising magazines and publications more. I’ve been driven by arts and the creative world ever since I was a child… I am fascinated by the change and tremendous effect that virtual advertising is creating.

What’s the best feedback you got on your posts?

Many people have sent my profile as a reference to their clients and texted me later about it to tell me their clients loved it.

I’m always happy to inspire and I spend my days on Instagram trying to find people to inspire me. Instagram is a public platform, and the content we post is waived as public once we sign those terms & conditions. So don’t be greedy and pass your creativity on.


Have you ever thought about making this a full-time job?

It kind of is. At the moment, I am managing the communication of WHITE Dubai (currently the only club in the Middle East & North Africa to be ranked amongst the world’s best clubs in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs), Drai’s Dubai (a Vegas import) and some of the biggest house festivals/event pop-ups in the MENA region, the likes of EL ROW and ANTS.

Harry Potter: what kind of Potterhead are you?

I’m what they call a “Magic is real” fan. The type who is still low-key waiting by the mailbox for their Hogwarts letter to arrive. My passion expressed itself and paid its dues three years ago when I launched my blog Espresso Patronum (a play on “Expecto Patronum” from the series) which I didn’t know would be a viral hit in Beirut, and eventually was verified on Facebook two years later.

Which house are you in?

I’m a proud Slytherin.

Which film/book do you prefer?

A true Potterhead would never judge based on the films, but I’m gonna give a creative input here. From the books, it’s definitely “The Prisoner of Azkaban”. It’s the best read, a great life lesson where readers learn that no one is exactly what they seem on the surface. When it comes to the movies, my favorite will be “The Half Blood Prince”. This was such an emotional rollercoaster. We lost Dumbledore, we saw Harry fall in love, which eases us into the Hogwarts battle.


If you collect Harry Potter items, which is your favorite and why?

I am a savage collector. Friends and family actually never gift me anything else. I’ve spent close to all my savings when I was 22 to travel to London (alone) and visit the Warner Bros studios. It was only then when my collection actually blossomed. Wands, clothes, scarfs, books, notebooks, pens, flyers, posters…  You name it! My favorite will always be the wands collection. It’s made of real wood, hand-crafted and life-like. If we were in a better world, they would actually cast spells.

What do you say to people who DON’T like Harry Potter?

Is there actually someone who doesn’t? I refuse to believe it. I’ve made it a mission to “convert” people who don’t. You know, we call them muggles. But once they get to taste what the wizarding world of JK Rowling beholds, they wish they knew about it since the early 2000s.

Interviewed by Nathalie Bontems for Communicate Levant.

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