Can Lebanon outlive our immigration?

I can’t adequately articulate the impact of the past three years and the effect they have had in my life. Aside from the fulfilling experience of living in a country as beautiful as its culture, I have to say that the most beautiful bit has been the people I’ve met.

Today, I’ve decided to move back to Lebanon.

One Way Ticket

The rusty, old-fashioned, fuck-all-people-mentality Lebanon. A country so “open-minded” and “liberal” yet at the same time so outdated and with nothing to give back.

You put your heart and hard-earned cash into a nation ruled by hungry thieves who could collectively feed Africa if they want to.

But let me tell you something you haven’t heard before, away from all the #LiveLove fantasies: Lebanon’s potential isn’t born in the womb of our parliament and an economic miracle won’t come from a beautifully directed ad campaign. It all comes from the firm believers, young entrepreneurs, concept creators, movers and shakers, and trilingual well-traveled youth like you and I.

They say Lebanon has potential. “If they legalize smokeables,” “if they give us metros and trains,” and so on and so forth … but to what end?

The 20-somethings are the ones who hold the weight of a paralyzed country on their backs. Just like the global youth are revolutionizing the world when it comes to the environment, gun violence, and corrupt governments, Lebanese youth with the same power and drive can make something out of their country with the help of nothing but their imagination.

So can Lebanon outlive our immigration?

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